FDI 8 festival


Aleix Tobias Sabater

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Pandereta , Pandeiro Cuadrao , Iberic Percussion

Aleix Tobias started to play 20 years ago, studing drums and percussion in diferent conservatories of modern music in barcelona, after continues studing tradicional percussion by his own in diferent countries as senegal, gambie, turkie, brasil, argentina, egypt.

He played with great artist like, misirli ahmet, erkan ogur, ekan irmak, doudou n´diaye rose, sengane n´gom, eliseo parra, silvia perez cruz, carmen paris, amine and hamza, la shica, lidia pujol, kepa junquera or the flamenco company of emilio hernandez. With them he has been playing arround all europe, canada, e.e.u.u., brasil, mexico, marroco, tunis, algerie, egypt, turkie and senegal, and he create the group tactequete ( experimental percussion) and the group coetus( a iberic percussion orchestra).

He participated in more than 40 albums of diferent artists and groups.

Luca Rossi

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I tamburi a cornice di LUCA ROSSI
Il corso speciale propone una panoramica molto interessante sull'uso della Tammorra e del Tamburello: il punto di vista napoletano rappresentato dal maestro.

Luca Rossi è un importante autore e interprete per il teatro popolare e la musica folk campana. Luca è un percussionista specializzato nelle tecniche e gli stili dei tamburi a cornice appartenenti all'area del Mediterraneo, con particolare attenzione verso gli strumenti dell'area campana, vesuviana e di Napoli: Tammorra, Tamburello e Canto.
Luca Rossi, per uno speciale di due ore sarà ambasciatore di Napoli e dei suoi tamburi a cornice.

Sabato 10 giugno 2017

Christos Barbas

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La melodia del Ritmo / the melody of rhythm .

Francesco Savoretti

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The continued research of sonorities and the attention towards performing dynamics are the most relevant aspects distinguishing his style.
The drive’s strenght expertly accompanied to the “flavours” of his personal timbric research, allowed him to be called “music chef”.
That is the reason why the good execution and knowledge of the frame drums’ techniques are enhanced by his personal journey towards an original sound research.
This characteristic leads him to often work with multi-percussion sets and to explore various musical genres:
World music, Contemporary, Ethno jazz, Early Music.
He shares the stage with important foreign and Italian artists: Mike Rossi (South Africa), Claus Boesser-Ferrari (Ger), Heiko Plank (Ger), Sandor Szabo (Ungh), Elizabeth Swados (USA), Cary Gant (USA), Heaater Paawue (USA), Moni Ovadia, Riccardo Tesi, Luca Ciarla,Eugenio Bennato, Nidi D’Arac, Gionni Di Clemente, Giovanni Seneca, Andrea Costa, Gionata Costa (Quinto Rigo)

He participates to important Festivals as well as to National and International shows: Montreal Jazz Festival, , CANADA ; "Java Jazz Festival" di JAKARTA, "Banghok Jazz festival" in THAILAND; "Jazz in Bayreuth" in Germany; "National Arts Festival" of Grahamstown, SUD AFRICA; Queen’s Birthday jazz & Blues Festival Wallington, NEW ZEALAND; Upper Yarra Arts Centre, AUSTRALIA ; Melbourne Jazz Festival, AUSTRALIA ; Ottawa Jazz Festival, CANADA ; Rochester Jazz Festival, USA ; Twin Cities jazz Festival, USA ; National Centre of Performing Arts, Bombey, INDIA ; Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, HONG KONG;

He belongs to the founders of the Frame Drums Italia Festival, which is known worldwide for the promotion and spreading of the frame drums’ study of the various traditions.

He is artistic director, together with the guitarist Gionni Di Clemente, of the festival “PAESAGGI ACUSTICI”.

Paolo Rossetti "Murittu"

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Paolo Rossetti Murittu a vivid and expressive Percussionist from Italy, was born in a little village in central Italy. His expression nourishes from the clash of tradition and modernity as well as from the development of a new style that is able to combine both elements. Among his repertoire of instruments are particularly the traditional Italian percussion instruments like TAMBURELLO, TAMMORRA, castagnets and the voice, which in many traditional songs plays a significant role. Play also Frame drums Like BENDIR, RIQQ and DAF. Cajon Flamenco and AfroLatin. UDU drum , and Hang.
..The Italian frame drummer who has made himself a name as a lecturer and musician at Tamburi Mundi since 2012, emanates from a traditional rural musical culture.(From Tamburi Mundi website)
He studied percussion with the masterteacher:
Alfio Antico (IT), Zohar Fresco (ISR), Glen Velez (US), Murat Coşkun e Mehmet Akatay (TUR), Michael Metzler (D), Andrea Piccioni (IT), Abdallah Muhammad (EG), Mohsen Taherzadeh (IR), Nima Janmohammadi (IR), Abbos Kosimov (UZB). 
He studied indian Tabla with M° Shanka Chatterje, theacher in Colkata music-university, in the "Fondazione Cini” in Venezia.
Paolo Rossetti Murittu is chairman of the association Frame Drum Italia, which organises since 2009 the frame drum festival FDI.
Paolo is also a music therapist expert in the Benenzon Model (school of music therapy of Argentina) that works with people that have problems of communication, children, adults and elderly people. Expert for patients with autistic syndrome. He has been working in the educational music and music therapy setting since 2007 and cooperates with MUSICABILE ONLUS, (Rome), the University "Università degli studi Roma 3" and with the conservatory of Music of L'Aquila.
He works intensively in several branches of the Italian health care system in Rome following the Benenzon model of music therapy. He is a member of OSI (Italian Orff Schulwerk) and he also teaches preparatory music courses for children at the Syntonia Music School in Rome.
He collaborated with many artists around the world of frame drums, in early music Orquestras and band, in Traditional Music. The projects: Cantsilena (ITA) , PERA Ensemble ( Ger -Turkey), Baroc dance company of Bernd Niedeken dancer and coreographer ( GER-Suisse), La Contraclau quartet (ITA) , TAMBURI MUNDI orquestra ( GER- FRA ) and more , Korean new wave music NOREUM MACHI (KOREA). 

Zohar Fresco

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Zohar Izhak Fresco is known as a pioneer of the tof miriam, the ancient frame drum originated in the Middle East more than three thousand years ago.
Born in Israel to a family with deep roots in Turkey and as a descendant of Tamburi Izhak Fresco, remarkable, well known Jewish Turkish composer who lived in 18th-19th centuries, Zohar was drawn to music at an early age and revealed a major influence of the music of his origins.
Fresco understood the great value and the wide musical range that exists in the tof miriam and dedicated his life to the development of a new fingering technique and a unique musical language by the name MANEGINA. In doing so Fresco created his own drumming style and became a mentor to musicians all over the world who followed him, learned the secrets of his musical method and adapted his drumming style in their musical work.
With the Turkish compositions in his backbones, the intersection of music from the Middle East appeared to carry multiple of fruits. In his numerous original compositions Zohar Fresco expresses a new Middle Eastern style. He draws his inspiration from musicians originated in Asia, Mediterranean as well as from collaborations with musicians from various cultures.
As an appealing performer, Zohar Fresco’s solo concerts present his original compositions based on vocal and drums the fascinating combination which is considered as the earliest music form.
Fresco is the co-founder of the well known Arabs & Jews ensemble Bustan Abraham and in the last few years he has been part of an international jazz trio with Leszek Mozdzer and Lars Danielsson with whom he toured the world and recorded three albums. Other co-operations include outstanding musicians all over the world.
Fresco’s deep research, wide experience and dedication to his art made him master of percussion and one of the most sought after music workshops conductors. He is frequently invited to colleges, universities and music centers around the world to teach and share his music theory and playing technique.

Peppe Frana

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Appassionatosi in giovane età al rock d’oltreoceano e oltremanica, diventa presto l’incubo dei migliori insegnanti di chitarra elettrica del circondario. Ventenne viene folgorato dall’interesse per le musiche modali extraeuropee attraverso la musica di Ross Daly e intraprende lo studio dell’oud turco e di altri cordofoni a plettro durante frequenti viaggi in Grecia e in Turchia, dove frequenta alcuni tra i più rinomati maestri: Yurdal Tokcan, Omer Erdogdular, Murat Aydemir, Daud Khan Sadozai, Ross Daly stesso.
Dall‘incontro con i membri dell’Ensemble Micrologus scaturisce l’interesse per la musica del medioevo europeo e per il liuto a plettro, di cui diventa presto uno dei più apprezzati solisti e insegnanti.
Dal 2013 studia liuto medievale presso la Schola Cantorum Basilensis sotto la guida di Crawford Young, inaugurando la sua prima esperienza di studio musicale accademico.
È laureato con lode in filosofia presso l’Istituto Universitario “L’Orientale” di Napoli.
Collabora stabilmente con molteplici artisti e progetti musicali nell’ambito della musica antica, orientale ed extracolta tra cui ricordiamo: Ensemble Micrologus, Ensemble Calixtinus, Ensemble Ambragrigia (Marco Ferrari, Fabio Tricomi, Peppe Frana), La Contraclau, Cantsiléna, Ensemble Bahar, Mosè Chiavoni, Vinicio Capossela, svolgendo una florida attività concertistica nei più prestigiosi festival italiani ed internazionali.

Ciro Montanari

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In 2003 he began his study of Indian percussion (tabla) under the guidance of Pandit Sankha Chatterjee, a former professor at the Rabindra Bharat University Kolkata (India), who had the great fortune to learn with Ustad Masit Khan, Ustad Keramatullah Khan in Farukabad Gharana and with Ustad Alla Rakha Khan in Punjab Gharana.
He travelled frequently to India, learning with the traditional Indian approach, then in Germany and Italy to follow his seminars at the "Fondazione Giorgio Cini" in Venice and through the Association "Narada Studio." From 2005 to 2009 he attended at the Conservatory Arrigo Pedrollo in Vicenza the courses on "Non-European Musical traditions" under the guidance of Maestro Federico Sanesi a student of Pandit Sankha Chatterjee since 1980's and involved over thirty 'years on research and integration of different musical languages.
He has been accompaning Daud Khan Sadozai at his seminars on Afghan Music since 2012 at Labyrinth Music School in Crete, an institute for Modal Music Traditions founded by the well known musician/composer Ross M. Daly. This experience with Ustad has given him an understanding of the Afghan Music world and his traditional rhytms.

For several years, he operates as a musician in Europe and India. He collaborated in various artistic projects: the quartet " Rasa Seyir ", music of Turkish inspiration. In Ireland, with a collective of musicians, melting the sounds and elements of Indian music, blues and Irish folk tradition. In Italy he started to collaborate with Samvad (Virginia Nicoli and Igino Giovanni Brunori, disciples of the well known indian maestros Gundecha Brothers) and Naghma, with the multi instrumentalist Giuseppe Frana, proposing Afghan Traditional repetoire and Hindustani music on Robab, since 2012 in Spain, with "Los Pajarillos ensamble", a trio based in Valencia which proposes Afghan traditional repertoire as well as original compositions (Efrèn Lopez Sanz, Miriam Encinas Lafitte).

In addition to these projects has accompanied : Rabindra Narayan Goswami, Sitar and Surbahar (India), Sougata Roy Chowdhury, Sarod (India), Daud Khan Sadozai, Robab (Afghanistan) Pradip Kumar Barot, Sarod(India), Ross M. Daly, Lira and Tarhu (Greece), Hooshang Farani (Iran), Tar , Tigran Alexanian (Armenia) Duduk, Kurosh Gazinev (Iran) Santoor and Tambour, Derya Turkan( Turkey) Kamance, Rishab Prasanna, Bansuri (India/France) Rajib Karmakar, Sitar (India) ,Igino Giovanni Brunori, Saxophones, Bansuri, Virginia Nicoli, Silver Flute,Bansuri, Voice ( Italy) Riccardo Battaglia, Sarod (Italy), Efrèn Lopez Sanz, Robab, Oud (Spain), Miriam Encinas Lafitte, Dilruba, Flutes and Percussions (Spain), Kelly Thomà, Lira (Greece), Giuseppe Frana, Robab, Oud (Italy), Zohar Fresco, Bendir, Riq, Darbouka (Israel), Pedram Kavar Zamini, Zarb (Iran) Aleix Tobias Sabater, Drums, Bendir and Traditional percussions from Spain (Spain), Denis Teste, Sitar (France) Alexandre Jurain, Esraj (India/France), Johnathan and Andrew Kay, Saxophones (India/Canada). Saptarshi Hazra, Sitar (India).