Ciro Montanari

In 2003 he began his study of Indian percussion (tabla) under the guidance of Pandit Sankha Chatterjee, a former professor at the Rabindra Bharat University Kolkata (India), who had the great fortune to learn with Ustad Masit Khan, Ustad Keramatullah Khan in Farukabad Gharana and with Ustad Alla Rakha Khan in Punjab Gharana.
He travelled frequently to India, learning with the traditional Indian approach, then in Germany and Italy to follow his seminars at the "Fondazione Giorgio Cini" in Venice and through the Association "Narada Studio." From 2005 to 2009 he attended at the Conservatory Arrigo Pedrollo in Vicenza the courses on "Non-European Musical traditions" under the guidance of Maestro Federico Sanesi a student of Pandit Sankha Chatterjee since 1980's and involved over thirty 'years on research and integration of different musical languages. He has been accompaning Daud Khan Sadozai at his seminars on Afghan Music since 2012 at Labyrinth Music School in Crete, an institute for Modal Music Traditions founded by the well known musician/composer Ross M. Daly. This experience with Ustad has given him an understanding of the Afghan Music world and his traditional rhytms.

For several years, he operates as a musician in Europe and India. He collaborated in various artistic projects: the quartet " Rasa Seyir ", music of Turkish inspiration. In Ireland, with a collective of musicians, melting the sounds and elements of Indian music, blues and Irish folk tradition. In Italy he started to collaborate with Samvad (Virginia Nicoli and Igino Giovanni Brunori, disciples of the well known indian maestros Gundecha Brothers) and Naghma, with the multi instrumentalist Giuseppe Frana, proposing Afghan Traditional repetoire and Hindustani music on Robab, since 2012 in Spain, with "Los Pajarillos ensamble", a trio based in Valencia which proposes Afghan traditional repertoire as well as original compositions (Efrèn Lopez Sanz, Miriam Encinas Lafitte).

In addition to these projects has accompanied : Rabindra Narayan Goswami, Sitar and Surbahar (India), Sougata Roy Chowdhury, Sarod (India), Daud Khan Sadozai, Robab (Afghanistan) Pradip Kumar Barot, Sarod(India), Ross M. Daly, Lira and Tarhu (Greece), Hooshang Farani (Iran), Tar , Tigran Alexanian (Armenia) Duduk, Kurosh Gazinev (Iran) Santoor and Tambour, Derya Turkan( Turkey) Kamance, Rishab Prasanna, Bansuri (India/France) Rajib Karmakar, Sitar (India) ,Igino Giovanni Brunori, Saxophones, Bansuri, Virginia Nicoli, Silver Flute,Bansuri, Voice ( Italy) Riccardo Battaglia, Sarod (Italy), Efrèn Lopez Sanz, Robab, Oud (Spain), Miriam Encinas Lafitte, Dilruba, Flutes and Percussions (Spain), Kelly Thomà, Lira (Greece), Giuseppe Frana, Robab, Oud (Italy), Zohar Fresco, Bendir, Riq, Darbouka (Israel), Pedram Kavar Zamini, Zarb (Iran) Aleix Tobias Sabater, Drums, Bendir and Traditional percussions from Spain (Spain), Denis Teste, Sitar (France) Alexandre Jurain, Esraj (India/France), Johnathan and Andrew Kay, Saxophones (India/Canada). Saptarshi Hazra, Sitar (India).