Aleix Tobias Sabater

Pandereta , Pandeiro Cuadrao , Iberic Percussion.
Aleix Tobias started to play 20 years ago, studing drums and percussion in diferent conservatories of modern music in barcelona, after continues studing tradicional percussion by his own in diferent countries as senegal, gambie, turkie, brasil, argentina, egypt. He played with great artist like, misirli ahmet, erkan ogur, ekan irmak, doudou n´diaye rose, sengane n´gom, eliseo parra, silvia perez cruz, carmen paris, amine and hamza, la shica, lidia pujol, kepa junquera or the flamenco company of emilio hernandez. With them he has been playing arround all europe, canada, e.e.u.u., brasil, mexico, marroco, tunis, algerie, egypt, turkie and senegal, and he create the group tactequete ( experimental percussion) and the group coetus( a iberic percussion orchestra). He participated in more than 40 albums of diferent artists and groups.