Francesco Savoretti

The continued research of sonorities and the attention towards performing dynamics are the most relevant aspects distinguishing his style.
The drive's strenght expertly accompanied to the "flavours" of his personal timbric research, allowed him to be called "music chef". That is the reason why the good execution and knowledge of the frame drums' techniques are enhanced by his personal journey towards an original sound research.
This characteristic leads him to often work with multi-percussion sets and to explore various musical genres:
World music, Contemporary, Ethno jazz, Early Music.
He shares the stage with important foreign and Italian artists: Mike Rossi (South Africa), Claus Boesser-Ferrari (Ger), Heiko Plank (Ger), Sandor Szabo (Ungh), Elizabeth Swados (USA), Cary Gant (USA), Heaater Paawue (USA), Moni Ovadia, Riccardo Tesi, Luca Ciarla,Eugenio Bennato, Nidi D'Arac, Gionni Di Clemente, Giovanni Seneca, Andrea Costa, Gionata Costa (Quinto Rigo).
He participates to important Festivals as well as to National and International shows: Montreal Jazz Festival, , CANADA ; "Java Jazz Festival" di JAKARTA, "Banghok Jazz festival" in THAILAND; "Jazz in Bayreuth" in Germany; "National Arts Festival" of Grahamstown, SUD AFRICA; Queen's Birthday jazz & Blues Festival Wallington, NEW ZEALAND; Upper Yarra Arts Centre, AUSTRALIA ; Melbourne Jazz Festival, AUSTRALIA ; Ottawa Jazz Festival, CANADA ; Rochester Jazz Festival, USA ; Twin Cities jazz Festival, USA ; National Centre of Performing Arts, Bombey, INDIA ; Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, HONG KONG;

He belongs to the founders of the Frame Drums Italia Festival, which is known worldwide for the promotion and spreading of the frame drums' study of the various traditions.

He is artistic director, together with the guitarist Gionni Di Clemente, of the festival "PAESAGGI ACUSTICI".