Aleix Tobias Sabater

Pandereta , Pandeiro Cuadrao , Iberic Percussion

Aleix Tobias started to play 20 years ago, studing drums and percussion in diferent conservatories of modern music in barcelona, after continues studing tradicional percussion by his own in diferent countries as senegal, gambie, turkie, brasil, argentina, egypt.


Zohar Fresco

Riq (arabic tambourine) Tof Miriam (large size frame drum lap style) Tar (medium size frame drum upright style)

Zohar Izhak Fresco is known as a pioneer of the tof miriam, the ancient frame drum originated in the Middle East more than three thousand years ago.


Francesco Savoretti

Freehand style. Tamburello from Marche Region.

The continued research of sonorities and the attention towards performing dynamics are the most relevant aspects distinguishing his style.


Ciro Montanari

In 2003 he began his study of Indian percussion (tabla) under the guidance of Pandit Sankha Chatterjee.

A former professor at the Rabindra Bharat University Kolkata (India), who had the great fortune to learn with Ustad Masit Khan, Ustad Keramatullah Khan in Farukabad Gharana and with Ustad Alla Rakha Khan in Punjab Gharana.


Paolo Rossetti "Murittu"

Tammorra new and old styles (italian spiritual frame drum, traditional and modern techniques) Musictherapy

Paolo Rossetti Murittu a vivid and expressive Percussionist from Italy, was born in a little village in central Italy. His expression nourishes from the clash of tradition and modernity as well as from the development of a new style that is able to combine both elements.


Peppe Frana

Improvisation (for percussionist) Modal Music (for strings instruments)

Appassionatosi in giovane età al rock d'oltreoceano e oltremanica, diventa presto l'incubo dei migliori insegnanti di chitarra elettrica del circondario.


Peppe Leone

Vangelis Karipis