Voices of frame drums concept
– Ciao amici !
On 10th-14th of June 2020 the frame drums' family will meet again in Montelparo for the "Frame Drums Italia 11" !

We would like to present here the incredible teachers of our 11th Edition! After the big teaching team of FDI 10 celebration, we go back to our normal size with three new awesome teachers, sure to give you an original and unique experience:

Arezoo Rezvani, Iran.
(Daf, Santur, Persian Music, voice)

Salim Beltitane, Algeria.
(Bendir, Darbuka, Riqq, Voice)

Alfio Antico, Italia.
(Tammurro Tamburello, voice)

Among the news of FDI11, we will introduce the idea of the "theme" of the festival, that this year it will be: "Tradizione. Voices of frame drums". All our teachers will explore the lands of their traditions where voices meet frame drums in workshops, special masterclasses and concerts.

Have a drumming 2020!

Paolo Rossetti Murittu e
Francesco Savoretti
Alessandro Darsinos
Peppe Frana